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Gear Blog! MindShift Rotation180 Horizon Back Pack

As some of you might know my wife and I just had our first baby! ( yay! ). The months leading up to the big day were filled with prepping and getting stuff to be ready for when our little boy would be born. At my wifes baby shower she got a pretty sweet baby bag that was all set up to hold all the essentials for when we go out. It was at that point when I realized I wanted a baby bag too! It might of been just an excuse to get a new camera bag but what I was looking for was a bag that could hold baby stuff like diapers, whipes, extra clothes etc but also some camera gear ( my Olympus OMD kit )  so that way when we go out I can be ready to capture all those special moments. 

It was then that I contacted the great folks at ThinkTank Photo and asked what bags they would suggest. After asking me some details about what baby stuff Id wanna carry as well as what camera gear Id be bringing with me I was shown a bag by Think Tanks sister company MindShift.

The bag that I was shown was the Rotation 180 Horizon.  As soon as I got a look at it I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted so I put my order through. 

And a week or so later it showed up at my house.  I was actually at a shoot when it showed up so I couldn't wait to get home to check out my new bag. 


When I first got the bag out of the box I was surprised by the size of it. It was actually bigger then I thought. 


Upon first look I was super impressed with the quality of the bag. I own a lot of Think Tank bags and this Mindshift bag is on the same level in quality and construction.  In the photo you can see the bag as well as the separate camera gear insert I got only with the bag just incase I need to carry a bit more camera stuff and less baby stuff. 


With the baby not yet arrived I decided to take the bag out to one of my weekly gigs shooting some lapping. 


With the bag not really designed to hold a gripped body with 70-200 attached I got creative and used my Think Tank Digital Holster 40 as a bag insert to hold my camera and had my spare lens and stuff in the lower compartment.


I was super impressed with how comfy this bag was on my back while walking around the race track.


The real cool part of this bag is the rotation aspect of it. The lower part of the bag is pretty much a belt bag that can swing out from the bag itself while you have it on so you can access your gear while on the move with out having to take the bag off. An other awesome part of the lower belt pack part is that it can come completely out of the bag and be used separately for when you just need to bring a little bit of gear out. 


So the time finally arrived!! Our baby was born on October 21st 2017!! A few weeks after it was finally time to start using the bag in the way I wanted. Here you can see the bottle warmer, formula supply, bottle and a blanket all tucked inside the bag nicely for our visit to the grandparents. 


One of the main reasons I chose this bag over a few others was that bottle holder on the side of it.  Makes on the go feedings a breeze.


Here is an other photo of how much stuff you can pack into the top section of the bag.


Little size comparison.. No baby was not a happy camper lol


Even the baby fits inside! haha

I really love this bag so far and can't wait to be able to really use it when we go out on family trips. The only two negative points I have about it is that it is too bad that for its size it cannot fit a gripped body because altho I didn't get this bag for that size camera I like the bag so much that Id like to be able to use it more often with my bigger camera set up. The other is that the bag can't really stand up on its own with out having it lean onto something. Not a huge negative but something to consider. 

Once we start going out on little family trips I will update this article with more photos of how the bag works with my OMD kit and the day to day of using it as a baby bag.

For more info please check out the Mind Shift web site Here :  www.mindshiftgear.com


Thanks :):)