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Gear Blog: Pusher Labs Pfixer Mini Mall


Funny enough I only started using LightRoom a few years ago, I used to just use photoshop camera raw to do all my quick editing.  LR is awesome itself but I found a lot of the keyboard shortcuts were badly placed especially when you wanna edit a lot of photos in the quickest time possible.  I started seeing a few different possibilities to speed everything up. One of my good friends editing studios used a special program that would turn your normal keyboard into a proper controller for LR. I also saw hardware options like Loupedeck or Pallet that are custom made controllers that are customized to control the functions in LR. These looked really promising but they were all sorta expensive for what they do and some reviews indicated that they were not the fastest for editing quickly.  Anyway in my search I found out about Pusher Labs. They pretty much take a Behringer midi controler for music/dj'ing slap it together with their application and boom a custom controller for LR. 

What really drew me to this product is the options. They have a bunch of different models to choose from but I also really liked that they were not super expensive and they were also fully customisable . 

I have only been using it for a few weeks now but I love it. It really sped up my workflow. I changed a few buttons around to better suit the LR functions that I use on a daily basis. My only complaint is I find that if Im switching from one photo to the next sometimes the dial resets as Im turning it but I don't know if that is really a pfixer issue or a LR issue. 

Overall Im super happy with this product and would highly recommend it .

Thanks :):)