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S2k Rigger

A few days after doing the Sti shoot it was time to get the camera out for an other one. ! Got the opportunity to shoot an awesome S2k that was also this years Honda Fest best of Show. 


For this shoot I was only going to be doing some rig shots so I wanted to make sure they came out great! First thing I had to do was think of a bad ass location for the car.  With the cars green theme I had the perfect spot in mind! So I set up a night to get the shoot done and got all my gear all ready to go. 

For the first shot I wanted to do something "simple". With the car being on bags I wanted to get a super low mean looking shot with the car pretty much scrapping the ground. 


Super happy with how this came out. Once issue I did have was the car was coming out too dark in the photos. When I had originally chose the location I thought that the light coming off the street and surrounding buildings would have been enough to lite the car...I was wrong. So my solution for that was to have my assistant Gary park his car at a diagonal to the 2sk with his light on to just give that extra pop of light needed. 

For the next shot I wanted to try something I had never attempted before.. A see through hood rig shot. Doing the see through hood shot is as old as dirt and I have done it many times in the past for magazine feature but never had the chance to do a rigged one. With how clean the engine bay of this car is I figured it was the perfect chance to try it out. 


First issue! 


To be able to pull the shot off the rig would have to be set high up and could not be anywhere close to the hood. Normally that would not be an issue and I would just mount it to the roof of the car but no no.. this was a convertible! 

My solution as you can see in the photo was the ratchet strap and bungee cord the end of the rig to the cage of the car.  This looked super ghetto but along with the suction mount on the windshield of the car, the set up was super solid. 

So after some back and forth with Gary pushing the car and shots with the hood on, hood off, lights on and lights off I got all the pieces I needed to build the image and I could not be happier with the results!



For my last shot I wanted to really get a shot of the rear that would show off the wing and stance of the car. 


You can see in this BTS photo just how far off the rig was on the car!( thanks to the owner of the car for the pic )


And thats it! 




: ) : )