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Rally Cross

The rally cross events have been going on for years at Autodrome St-Eustache. It is probably one of the oldest events I have been constantly covering over the years.

These events take place over the course of a weekend and is pretty much a rally training event on the Saturday and on the Sunday it is the Rally Cross/Time Attack day. 

Back when I first started shooting these events, they had 3 different dates during the winter but now they only come to ASE once a year so I always make sure not to miss it. 

Even tho it is not a true rally it still lets me get my rally fix. The competitors have a twisty layout to follow around the track.  This year we got lucky and had some snow on the ground but I have shot it a few times when they were driving on dry pavement.. Still fun but not as exciting to shoot. 

Most of the people competing are using somewhat normal street cars. It is still a ton of fun to see them rip around in the snow. 

A few purpose built rally cars do come out aswell and they are always a blast to see in person. 

One of my media buddies was also competing in the event. He actually films for one of my favortie YouTube shows "Launch Control" 

With the icy contditions and drivers pushing to beat the clock sometimes a snow bank or two would get in the way. 

Its also neat to see how my home away from home takes on a tottaly different look during the winter. 

Ya the traditional pile of parts and accesories does not change. 

As always I had a great time shooting the event and I am glad I brought out my snow shoes! You can check out the full gallery here : Rally X