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Gear: Grippy Dippy

With the addition of my D500 I wanted to pick up a vertical grip for it.

I ended up going with the Meike brand Grip. As much as I would of liked to get a Nikon one they are way to expensive for just a grip. On my old D300/D700 the Nikon Grip would increase your FPS when using either AA batteries or the D3 batterie.  But since on the D500 you dont get any extra benefits I did not see the real need to spend the extra money.

One very nice feature of the grip is that it comes with a remote control. The remote works very well too!

Mounted on the camera the grip looks great. It feels very solid too and all the controls work as they should. The only thing I will have to look out for is this grip is not as weather sealed as the actual Nikon ones but again for the price I am super happy.