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Toyz Autoart

With it finally starting to get nice out one of my long time clients Toyz AutoArt contacted me to come over to the shop and shoot some of the new rides he has been working on.  Most of the shoots I do for Toyz are just quicky ones. We find a nice enough location close by the shop to snap a few shots that will be good for social media. 

First up was this bad ass G63 AMG with all Brabus goodies on it.. 

We then took his brand new custom gold painted Aventador SV Convertible out to shoot some rollers. Ill be doing a more intense shoot with this car once he gets his new wheels in for it. 


Last by not least was this 458 Aperta! Ive actually shot this car before but now it has a nice new set of red HRE wheels to match its red interior. 

I also did some fast photos of this amazing 911 RS and a GLE 63 AMG inside the shop for sale purposes. 

 I always love shooting the cars Toyz Autoart has and with the warm weather soon here I cant wait to shoot more!. 

Thanks :):)