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XCLUSIVE Winter Drift RD2

With the sorta on again off again winter we had this year it made for a lot less events to cover. With some fresh snow last week the AutoAcethetic crew was able to hold RD2 of their Xclusive Winter drift event at none other but my home away from home, Autodrome St-Eustache. 

To bring my gear to the event I used my Think Tank Photo Street Walker HD. I also took my Think Tank Photo Belly Dancer to be able to use while actually at the track along with my Black Rapid dual strap. One of the best pieces of gear for these events are my snow shoes! 

In terms of actual gear I brought my Nikon D300 and D3. Nikon 24-120 VR, Nikon 70-200 2.8 and Nikon 300 F4.

With my gear packed I headed out the the track. It was a super nice day out and I was excited to get back into shooting some action!

I got to the track early to get set up and ready to go. With in no time more and more people started showing up! 

I was really happy to have my snow shoes! Some parts of the infield had tons of snow and other didnt but were covered in sheer ice so the spikes on the snow shoes saved me from falling many times with all my gear!

The event went on great! A bunch of really cool cars and it was so sunny out that I actually got sun burnt!

This guy was hammering his Audi around with out a care! Made for some awesome photos.

This guy was also having a blast in his FJ.. Everytime I saw him coming I knew it was going to be a good run!

It was hilarious seeing the little smart ripping around. It did surprisingly better then I thought and in the few times it got stuck the owner was able to push it out by himself..

My favorite car of the event had to be this Raptor. Not only did it look bad ass with its baja styling but it sounded so mean with its bed exit exhaust. 

You can check out all my pics from the event here! Xclusive Winter Drift RD2