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My bag collection.. Not even all of them..

My bag collection.. Not even all of them..

Like most photographers I have a thing for camera bags. Since I shoot a lot of different types of events I like having the best type of bag for each situation. From Shoulder bags, Rollers, backpacks to full on modular harness's I like to know that the bag I have will keep me ready to get the shot. 

This blog post is about my nice new to me shoulder bag. In terms of shoulder bags my go too bags were a combo of LowePro Stealth Reporter 300 and 650.. Both were great bags but as my gear evolved the 300 started being too small so it is now the bag I use to carry my GoPro and other little video gear. The 650 was purchased as bag to transport my gear to drift events. I was able yo stuff everything in it that I would need but after a few seasons I realized it was just too heavy and I ended up getting a Think Tank Airport Take off roller bag for that duty. The 650 now holds my Alien Bee flashes and is actually a great lighting bag with enough room for 2 flash heads and two battery packs.  

So when I realized that the SW300 was no longer large enough for the gear that I would use on a regular basis I picked up a Think Tank Retrospective 20 ( or so I thought ) . I wanted the 20 since from the specs it was the perfect size for what I needed. It would let me have a Pro body with 70-200 2.8 attached and 2 other lens.  So I bought the bag used and it was in great shape. Once I got it home and started trying gear out in it I noticed my set up was tighter in it then I thought it would be. On further inspection the bag was actually the Retro 10, one size smaller then what I thought it was.  I ended up contacting the seller and he offered to either take the bag back or give me some money back. I declined bother options since I didn't really have the time to go back and meet up with the seller and I was going to try and make the bag work. 

I added some extra dividers in the bag to be able to hold up the camera attached with the big lens and it did the trick really well for a few years but I started to often find that the bag was just a tad too small. I would always end up with one lens or flash that just could not fit. So with that reason in my head I started looking for a bigger shoulder bag! 

Ended up getting a Think Tank Retrospective 40. This bag is amazing! 

Compared to the 10 the 40 is bigger but not really bulkier which is something I really like. 

Here it is with a pretty good size kit. Gripped D300 with 70-200 attached. 300 F4 on the left and 28-70 2.8 on the right. It still has plenty of room for a bunch more gear in the front pockets as well as a Laptop in the back. 

So far I am super happy with the bag. Not only does it look great but now my gear fits well inside with out having to squeeze or leave stuff at home.