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Camera DIY

One of the cameras that I often use for shooting events and meets is an Olympus OMD EM5. I love it for its small size and incognito look. Altho I dont have big hands I did want a bit more grip from the camera but didnt feel like getting the full on battery grip because for one it is crazy expensive and two, I still didnt want the camera to look bulky. So for that I picked up a Gariz half case. Its a awesome little piece that looks great and feels great in the hands.

The issue I had was that to mount it to your camera you had to use the cameras tripod socket to screw the case to your camera. With the main tripod socket being used they have a secondary mounting hole off to the side of the camera. With this camera I use a Peak Designs Capture plate and having the cameras tripod socket off the side would causes the tripod plate to loosen up and shift on me. I also found it made using a tripod awkward too since the camera would be way over to one side of it.

So as with cars I like modifying stuff so I found a tripod socket spacer/extender off one of my vintage Yashika cameras.

I thought it would be easy to just replace the factory hardware with the spacer and call it a day but as it turned out the spacer was too think and protruded out of the bottom of the case and would not make attaching a tripod plate any good,  So I busted out the drill..

I had to drill out the hole a few times in order for the spacer to fit flush. As you can see the secondary tripod mount that was off to one side.

It worked perfect and the spacer fit flush and tight.

I did come up with an other problem. The spacer itslef didnt have enough threads to let the tripod plate full tighten down. I could of used a small washer to space things out but that would of reduced the amount of threads actually holding it al together and I didnt want to risk it.

So I turned to the handy mans secret weapon...Duct Tape.!!!

Few little pieces of tape and it was perfect.. Everything tighten down as it should. 

Now it worked perfect on my tripod and will be great with my Peak Capture too. 


Thanks :):)