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Getting organized!!

Like most photographers, I love gear! I do have a lot of it from computer stuff to having lots ( and lots ) of camera bags. My office started getting pretty cluttered and disorganized with stuff after a full season of shooting. I had gear and bags everywhere and the back of my computer looked like a rats nest so I decided to take the time and organize everything!

First step was to organize all the plugs and wires for my computer/harddrives and other chargers.

Used a piece of ply wood and zip tied it to my desk and then mounted both my power bars to it. 

Drilled a hole in the ply wood so the cord from the power bar can pas through. This power bar is the one used for my external hard drives and it plugs into a battery back / surge protecter  unit  so keep everything safe incase of a power outage. 

Started getting all the wires mounted and organized. I lablled every plug so I know to what hard drive they go to. 

Here is my other power bar all set up with different chargers for my Ipad, Alien Bee strobes and a few other random things.  ( I dont know why the photo uploaded sideways )

Final Power Set up!  Got everything zip tied down and mounted.. I even cleaned up the mess of wires that was in back of my computer. I am super happy with the results. 

Next up was the organize my gear section. For ever my camera gear lived in my Think Tank AirPort Security V1 .  It was great but with adding gear I ran out of room  and my bag would never really get used since it was serving as gear storage. So I cleaned out one of my old cabinets that had been storing all my random camera stuff and set it up for my proper photo gear.  First shelve is all my off camera flash's as well as my memory card wallets and spare batteries. Second shelve is all my still working DSLR's and my Old Nikon F80.  Last shelve is all my lens. Now all my main gear will stay in its new home and will be easy to access when I have a shoot. 

Last step in my organization process was to get my all my camera bags set up. Yes I am a bag whore!  I do use every one tho depending on what type of shoot I have and now they are properly placed instead of just sitting on the floor!

Thanks !

JAG : ): )