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Spring Enduro

The Enduro races at Autodrome St-Eustache are always fun to shoot.. For those who dont know an Enduro race is an event for "beater" cars to race around on the oval for a set amount of time or laps and pretty much who ever can survive and complete the most amount of laps wins.

The amount of cars that compete always blows my mind.

Unlike most racing, in enduro racing contact is allowed and makes for 90% of the craziness of the event.

And even tho a lot of cars do start the race, not as many will finish. 

But its that hard core aspect that gets the crowd involved.


The car of choice seems to be the Sunfire/Cavalere but some big old American cars do pretty well too since they can take a beating.

It is sorta sad to see some of the cars get abused.. This Monte Carlo was pretty clean looking.

While walking around the track looking for spots to shoot I spotted a pair of sick looking Euro's out in the parking lot.

I always leaving these events with way to many photos and a smile on my face!