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UPDATES.. Starting back up the blog! SCP 2016 Recap.

My original goal was to blog about every event I shot but I ended up getting back logged ( Plus was planning a wedding ) and the blogs never got done.. Now in the off season I have the time to start doing my season recaps and no better place to do them then on my blog! 

So to kick things off with SCP Revolution.  Back when I first started getting into photographing cars the SCP show was THE show to go every year.  After many years the SCP shows stopped but this year it was time for the return of the show! The new indoor/outdoor venue of the event made it interesting to shoot and for a first year back I think the show was great!  I was part of the official media team for SCP and here are just a few of my favorite  random photos from the weekend. 


The most memorable part of the event was during the awards ceremony. One of the big awards called the Cup de Quebec was around back when indoor shows were popular and it was an award giving out to the car that accumulated the most amount of points during the show season. With the show scene not being the same as it used to the SCP organizers decided to change what the trophy was about,  First part and most important was they changed the name from the Cup de Quebec to the Jimmy Rotondo award. Jimmy was a good friend ( Team OD Member ) and just a great guy that was also very involved in the car scene. He sadly passed away this year and hearing them announce the award in his honour was really touching! 

With the happiness of hearing that the award was not dedicated to Jimmy the founder of SCP Ben Woo explained that now the award would be going to somebody in the local car scene that has had an impact or has helped grow the community in some way or an other. He then went on with a little speech  about who the first ever winner of the Jimmy Rotondo award was going to be.... And to my surpirse it was!

Meee! lol I was super honoured to not only receive the award but have it presented to me by Jimmy's girl friend Marie Chantal.  It was an awesome an unexpected way to finish off the return of the SCP show! 

PS: Thanks to Nic from QNR.ca for the photos of me.