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Pretty much every year or year and a half I have to buy more memory to keep all my photos. With cameras producing higher and higher resolution files it's a good thing memory is pretty cheap nowa days.  

My current way of working and backing up is using one external hard drive as my working drive and it gets backed up to an other external hard drive using the time machine program on my iMac.  

So with it being that time of year again to get more storage I had contemplated switching up what I do and get something like a drobo or similar devise. The drobos are a very cool machine to back up your work but I have heard story's of them crashing and they are also pretty expensive too. So with the advise of some friends I stuck with what I currently do and picked up two 4T Wesdern Digital drives. One thing that I will do differently tho for the upcoming season is get some sort of cloud storage. That way I will have my important files backed up off site if ever anything happens to my hard drives.  




Buying hard drives is one of the least exciting gear purchases a photographer can make but it is also one of the most important.