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Xclusive Winter Drift 2

Xclusive Winter Drift Part 1

Not much really goes on during the winter interms  of car events. One of the recent events that I have been looking forward too have bee the winter drifting events done by the same guys that put on the Exclusive Mondays car meet. 

MTL AutoShow

The MTL Auto show is always a fun event to cover. 

One of the best parts is the awesome free breakfast! 

Its also always fun because I get to see media friends that I havent seen since fall. 

The crowds around the new cars sometimes gets so thick that its easier to just shoot the back of an other photographers screen..lol 

The Performance Zone this year was pretty impressive this year!

Overall I enjoyed my time at the show! It was actually the first time in years that I attended the show pretty much for myself. I was supposed to be shooting it for a client but due to budget restraints it did not pan out...oh well! 




Gear: Grippy Dippy

With the addition of my D500 I wanted to pick up a vertical grip for it.

I ended up going with the Meike brand Grip. As much as I would of liked to get a Nikon one they are way to expensive for just a grip. On my old D300/D700 the Nikon Grip would increase your FPS when using either AA batteries or the D3 batterie.  But since on the D500 you dont get any extra benefits I did not see the real need to spend the extra money.

One very nice feature of the grip is that it comes with a remote control. The remote works very well too!

Mounted on the camera the grip looks great. It feels very solid too and all the controls work as they should. The only thing I will have to look out for is this grip is not as weather sealed as the actual Nikon ones but again for the price I am super happy. 


Rally Cross

The rally cross events have been going on for years at Autodrome St-Eustache. It is probably one of the oldest events I have been constantly covering over the years.

These events take place over the course of a weekend and is pretty much a rally training event on the Saturday and on the Sunday it is the Rally Cross/Time Attack day. 

Back when I first started shooting these events, they had 3 different dates during the winter but now they only come to ASE once a year so I always make sure not to miss it. 

Even tho it is not a true rally it still lets me get my rally fix. The competitors have a twisty layout to follow around the track.  This year we got lucky and had some snow on the ground but I have shot it a few times when they were driving on dry pavement.. Still fun but not as exciting to shoot. 

Most of the people competing are using somewhat normal street cars. It is still a ton of fun to see them rip around in the snow. 

A few purpose built rally cars do come out aswell and they are always a blast to see in person. 

One of my media buddies was also competing in the event. He actually films for one of my favortie YouTube shows "Launch Control" 

With the icy contditions and drivers pushing to beat the clock sometimes a snow bank or two would get in the way. 

Its also neat to see how my home away from home takes on a tottaly different look during the winter. 

Ya the traditional pile of parts and accesories does not change. 

As always I had a great time shooting the event and I am glad I brought out my snow shoes! You can check out the full gallery here : Rally X




Gear: Little things!

Too go along with two other of my latest gear posts I ordered a few goodies from B and H!

So nothing too crazy but hey! new stuff is always fun.

With the addition of my new D500 I picked up a new spare battery.. Will also work with my D750 so thats a plus!

Also with the new camera addition I needed to pick up some more Peak anchors. 

Last but not least is a new USB hub.. When doing my whole office organization thing I realized that my current USB hub was only USB 2 so with the new USB 3 hub my card transfers should be a tad faster! 

I have something else coming in the mail too! hopefully I get it before this weekends event!




QueBash Recap

This year marked the first year for the QueBash event!

QueBash was the idea of one of my good friends Manu! Basically he wanted to put on a Maple Leaf Bash style event ( 2 days of drifting and a party at night in between ) in the Quebec City area.

The event was taking place at Autodrome Montmagny. The morning of the event the crew was up early to get everything ready.

The event was taking place at Autodrome Montmagny. The morning of the event the crew was up early to get everything ready.

Main man for the MLB, David was very comfy in his Toyota Tent.

Walking around the pits you had everything from 4 door skylines, Mad Max Autoworks BMW...

To something that always makes me laugh when seeing it.. Thats a V8 swapped rwd converted 4 door Toyota Echo!

Was also cool to see FDC driver Francis Doyon come out with both his V8 and 2Jz cars.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to get a pen cap off!

Drivers meeting time..

Cedric HD live and direct! Cedric from WPND took over filming duties for this event.

With the help of Mr BrainDead Media.

With the help of Mr BrainDead Media.

Once the drivers meeting was over it was time to hit the track! The scenery around here was pretty wicked. 

What makes running the whole Montmagny track so special is the corq screw.. 

Seeing Doyons Titian Motorsports 2jz S14 ripping for one of the first times was nuts.

It was a smoke machine.

Little Miata about to drop a tire coming down. 

Track staff making sure the track is always clear!

Always awesome to see this Miata kill tires.

Manu got a little frisky with the blowerpack..

With a ton of track time it let drivers try new things..like offroading..

Sadly with all the track time the tranny in this Skyline decided it had enough. 

FDC Driver Tom Tom was also out having fun in his missle.. 

It was good to see Max make a few runs at the end of the day after he suffered parts failure in the morning and had to scramble to find replacement parts

Quebash was a great event. It was fun to be able to shoot different parts of the Montmagny track that I dont usually get to do when shooting other events here.  


JAG :):)

Getting organized!!

Like most photographers, I love gear! I do have a lot of it from computer stuff to having lots ( and lots ) of camera bags. My office started getting pretty cluttered and disorganized with stuff after a full season of shooting. I had gear and bags everywhere and the back of my computer looked like a rats nest so I decided to take the time and organize everything!

First step was to organize all the plugs and wires for my computer/harddrives and other chargers.

Used a piece of ply wood and zip tied it to my desk and then mounted both my power bars to it. 

Drilled a hole in the ply wood so the cord from the power bar can pas through. This power bar is the one used for my external hard drives and it plugs into a battery back / surge protecter  unit  so keep everything safe incase of a power outage. 

Started getting all the wires mounted and organized. I lablled every plug so I know to what hard drive they go to. 

Here is my other power bar all set up with different chargers for my Ipad, Alien Bee strobes and a few other random things.  ( I dont know why the photo uploaded sideways )

Final Power Set up!  Got everything zip tied down and mounted.. I even cleaned up the mess of wires that was in back of my computer. I am super happy with the results. 

Next up was the organize my gear section. For ever my camera gear lived in my Think Tank AirPort Security V1 .  It was great but with adding gear I ran out of room  and my bag would never really get used since it was serving as gear storage. So I cleaned out one of my old cabinets that had been storing all my random camera stuff and set it up for my proper photo gear.  First shelve is all my off camera flash's as well as my memory card wallets and spare batteries. Second shelve is all my still working DSLR's and my Old Nikon F80.  Last shelve is all my lens. Now all my main gear will stay in its new home and will be easy to access when I have a shoot. 

Last step in my organization process was to get my all my camera bags set up. Yes I am a bag whore!  I do use every one tho depending on what type of shoot I have and now they are properly placed instead of just sitting on the floor!

Thanks !

JAG : ): )

Spring Enduro

The Enduro races at Autodrome St-Eustache are always fun to shoot.. For those who dont know an Enduro race is an event for "beater" cars to race around on the oval for a set amount of time or laps and pretty much who ever can survive and complete the most amount of laps wins.

The amount of cars that compete always blows my mind.

Unlike most racing, in enduro racing contact is allowed and makes for 90% of the craziness of the event.

And even tho a lot of cars do start the race, not as many will finish. 

But its that hard core aspect that gets the crowd involved.


The car of choice seems to be the Sunfire/Cavalere but some big old American cars do pretty well too since they can take a beating.

It is sorta sad to see some of the cars get abused.. This Monte Carlo was pretty clean looking.

While walking around the track looking for spots to shoot I spotted a pair of sick looking Euro's out in the parking lot.

I always leaving these events with way to many photos and a smile on my face!






New Camera!!!!

Most of the cameras I own are many years old and getting up there in the shutter count. My D700 is basically due to pop at any time! 

As you can see Im 15% over the expected life of the camera's shutter

As you can see Im 15% over the expected life of the camera's shutter

My newest camera is the D750 and its awesome but I have had to send it off 3 times to Nikon for repairs so I decided it was time to get a new camera body.  I was planning on waiting until the start of next season to buy one but in order to keep my NPS status I needed to get a newer camera since 3 of mine no longer qualify and I got a sweet Black Friday deal.

Here she is! I got a new Nikon D500!!  This camera is sorta ground breaking. It is what the D750 should of been as in a Mini D5/D5. Its built like a tank, has the AF of the D5. PC sync ports. 10 FPS and what makes it so crazy is its NOT full frame! The whole not full frame thing has some people questioning the camera since a lot of people just think Full Frame is better.. But as technology improves so does the quality of Crop sensors.  I will do a full review of the new camera soon but I can say that at high ISO compared to my D750 ( a high ISO king ) that side by side it is very hard to tell the difference in files..





So Clean Kick Off Recap

The So Clean events are always a fun times. They turn the usual weekly drag events that take place at the Autodrome St-Eustache into a cool mini car show! with a little more emphasis on the show n shyne then on the drag racing. 

The Iron Z always gets a lot of attention.

Always love the FD Rx7's

I have a special place for muscle trucks and this is a prime example of a bad ass truck.. 454 SS

Probably the craziest wraps this season.

And always good times seeing Mr JPL Photography!

Tommy Wheely

Check the rest of the pics below.. Just some of my favorites from the event. 

UPDATES.. Starting back up the blog! SCP 2016 Recap.

My original goal was to blog about every event I shot but I ended up getting back logged ( Plus was planning a wedding ) and the blogs never got done.. Now in the off season I have the time to start doing my season recaps and no better place to do them then on my blog! 

So to kick things off with SCP Revolution.  Back when I first started getting into photographing cars the SCP show was THE show to go every year.  After many years the SCP shows stopped but this year it was time for the return of the show! The new indoor/outdoor venue of the event made it interesting to shoot and for a first year back I think the show was great!  I was part of the official media team for SCP and here are just a few of my favorite  random photos from the weekend. 


The most memorable part of the event was during the awards ceremony. One of the big awards called the Cup de Quebec was around back when indoor shows were popular and it was an award giving out to the car that accumulated the most amount of points during the show season. With the show scene not being the same as it used to the SCP organizers decided to change what the trophy was about,  First part and most important was they changed the name from the Cup de Quebec to the Jimmy Rotondo award. Jimmy was a good friend ( Team OD Member ) and just a great guy that was also very involved in the car scene. He sadly passed away this year and hearing them announce the award in his honour was really touching! 

With the happiness of hearing that the award was not dedicated to Jimmy the founder of SCP Ben Woo explained that now the award would be going to somebody in the local car scene that has had an impact or has helped grow the community in some way or an other. He then went on with a little speech  about who the first ever winner of the Jimmy Rotondo award was going to be.... And to my surpirse it was!

Meee! lol I was super honoured to not only receive the award but have it presented to me by Jimmy's girl friend Marie Chantal.  It was an awesome an unexpected way to finish off the return of the SCP show! 

PS: Thanks to Nic from QNR.ca for the photos of me. 




ASE Official Opener !

I sorta forgot to post about this but since it was a great event I still wanted to write a little something!

The line up was HUGE! Probably the biggest line ups for a Wednesday drags ever!

The line up was HUGE! Probably the biggest line ups for a Wednesday drags ever!

What made it even better for me is I was actually able to take my truck! Finally running properly ! 

What made it even better for me is I was actually able to take my truck! Finally running properly ! 

This was one of the fastest cars of the night! Sounded badass too!

This was one of the fastest cars of the night! Sounded badass too!

It was crazy the amount of people! Some full on car shows dont get this many people.

It was crazy the amount of people! Some full on car shows dont get this many people.

Two sleeper cars! 500 HP Integra and boosted GTP

Two sleeper cars! 500 HP Integra and boosted GTP

It really was a great way to kick off the season !

For the complete gallery be sure to check it out on Montrealracing


Toyz Autoart

With it finally starting to get nice out one of my long time clients Toyz AutoArt contacted me to come over to the shop and shoot some of the new rides he has been working on.  Most of the shoots I do for Toyz are just quicky ones. We find a nice enough location close by the shop to snap a few shots that will be good for social media. 

First up was this bad ass G63 AMG with all Brabus goodies on it.. 

We then took his brand new custom gold painted Aventador SV Convertible out to shoot some rollers. Ill be doing a more intense shoot with this car once he gets his new wheels in for it. 


Last by not least was this 458 Aperta! Ive actually shot this car before but now it has a nice new set of red HRE wheels to match its red interior. 

I also did some fast photos of this amazing 911 RS and a GLE 63 AMG inside the shop for sale purposes. 

 I always love shooting the cars Toyz Autoart has and with the warm weather soon here I cant wait to shoot more!. 

Thanks :):)





Jag Gear! More Memory! San Disk SD Cards.

I wanted to post this a while ago but sorta forgot about it.  This year I plan on shooting more video, nothing super crazy just some quick vids from all the different events I shoot. With that I wanted to get some more SD memory for my D750 and OMD EM5 ( and futur D500 ) So while online I saw a post about BH having a really good deal on SD cards and I jumped on it. Ordered two 64 gig Extreme San Disk cards that will be more then up to the task of what I want to do! 

Jag Gear! New Bag!!!

My bag collection.. Not even all of them..

My bag collection.. Not even all of them..

Like most photographers I have a thing for camera bags. Since I shoot a lot of different types of events I like having the best type of bag for each situation. From Shoulder bags, Rollers, backpacks to full on modular harness's I like to know that the bag I have will keep me ready to get the shot. 

This blog post is about my nice new to me shoulder bag. In terms of shoulder bags my go too bags were a combo of LowePro Stealth Reporter 300 and 650.. Both were great bags but as my gear evolved the 300 started being too small so it is now the bag I use to carry my GoPro and other little video gear. The 650 was purchased as bag to transport my gear to drift events. I was able yo stuff everything in it that I would need but after a few seasons I realized it was just too heavy and I ended up getting a Think Tank Airport Take off roller bag for that duty. The 650 now holds my Alien Bee flashes and is actually a great lighting bag with enough room for 2 flash heads and two battery packs.  

So when I realized that the SW300 was no longer large enough for the gear that I would use on a regular basis I picked up a Think Tank Retrospective 20 ( or so I thought ) . I wanted the 20 since from the specs it was the perfect size for what I needed. It would let me have a Pro body with 70-200 2.8 attached and 2 other lens.  So I bought the bag used and it was in great shape. Once I got it home and started trying gear out in it I noticed my set up was tighter in it then I thought it would be. On further inspection the bag was actually the Retro 10, one size smaller then what I thought it was.  I ended up contacting the seller and he offered to either take the bag back or give me some money back. I declined bother options since I didn't really have the time to go back and meet up with the seller and I was going to try and make the bag work. 

I added some extra dividers in the bag to be able to hold up the camera attached with the big lens and it did the trick really well for a few years but I started to often find that the bag was just a tad too small. I would always end up with one lens or flash that just could not fit. So with that reason in my head I started looking for a bigger shoulder bag! 

Ended up getting a Think Tank Retrospective 40. This bag is amazing! 

Compared to the 10 the 40 is bigger but not really bulkier which is something I really like. 

Here it is with a pretty good size kit. Gripped D300 with 70-200 attached. 300 F4 on the left and 28-70 2.8 on the right. It still has plenty of room for a bunch more gear in the front pockets as well as a Laptop in the back. 

So far I am super happy with the bag. Not only does it look great but now my gear fits well inside with out having to squeeze or leave stuff at home. 

XCLUSIVE Winter Drift RD2

With the sorta on again off again winter we had this year it made for a lot less events to cover. With some fresh snow last week the AutoAcethetic crew was able to hold RD2 of their Xclusive Winter drift event at none other but my home away from home, Autodrome St-Eustache. 

To bring my gear to the event I used my Think Tank Photo Street Walker HD. I also took my Think Tank Photo Belly Dancer to be able to use while actually at the track along with my Black Rapid dual strap. One of the best pieces of gear for these events are my snow shoes! 

In terms of actual gear I brought my Nikon D300 and D3. Nikon 24-120 VR, Nikon 70-200 2.8 and Nikon 300 F4.

With my gear packed I headed out the the track. It was a super nice day out and I was excited to get back into shooting some action!

I got to the track early to get set up and ready to go. With in no time more and more people started showing up! 

I was really happy to have my snow shoes! Some parts of the infield had tons of snow and other didnt but were covered in sheer ice so the spikes on the snow shoes saved me from falling many times with all my gear!

The event went on great! A bunch of really cool cars and it was so sunny out that I actually got sun burnt!

This guy was hammering his Audi around with out a care! Made for some awesome photos.

This guy was also having a blast in his FJ.. Everytime I saw him coming I knew it was going to be a good run!

It was hilarious seeing the little smart ripping around. It did surprisingly better then I thought and in the few times it got stuck the owner was able to push it out by himself..

My favorite car of the event had to be this Raptor. Not only did it look bad ass with its baja styling but it sounded so mean with its bed exit exhaust. 

You can check out all my pics from the event here! Xclusive Winter Drift RD2